Meet The Stylehubuk Sisters

Stylehubuk was established in 2018 by two sisters Jorgia & Amie. Growing up in the heart of London we have always had a desire of being our own boss & loved clothes. We love a bargain (who don’t?!) and with sometimes only wearing an outfit once, we wanted to create an affordable boutique for our lovely customers.

It’s not been easy for us and we work hard for where we are today (even though we are no where near our goal). Starting the brand with only £500 and no followers on Instagram, we have always pushed ourselves to achieve the best we can. With there being a lot of competition and we are always thriving to be the first with new items.

Having worked with suppliers in the UK, China, Turkey & Paris we have always wanted to venture out and create our own line which we will be releasing this year, starting from March 2021.

Thank you to all our loyal customers who have been on the journey with us! XO

Meet The Founders Of Style Hub UK


Having starting off my career as a receptionist and then becoming a manager at the age of 22, I decided to start Stylehub with my sister. I was never a person who can sit still for more then 5 minutes so a 9-5 was not for me hunny. Im a 24 year old dog mum to my yorkie poppy she is my world (along with Stylehub).


Iv recently turned 30 and have a little boy called Albie. I studied at the Fashion retail academy and always hoped I would work in fashion. After leaving college I went to work in the property industry so taking the chance to creating my own company in fashion has been a very successful thing for me. I love shopping & going on holidays!

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